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All Wheel Drive Sports Cars

All wheel drive or four wheel drive (four by four) is used in four wheelers, mostly in off-road or sports utility vehicles. If we take a look at the term ‘all wheel drive’, you can get an idea of all wheels being controlled by the engine. The All Wheel Drive (AWD) technology in cars has proven to be extremely useful… Read more »

Best All Wheel Drive Cars

The all wheel drive cars are those automobiles, all 4 wheels of which receive torque from the engine simultaneously. Significance of an all wheel drive system in your car is having a better control while driving; also a great amount of power is transferred to the axle. The list provided in this article should help find a suitable car that… Read more »

All-wheel Drive Cars List

This technology is most significantly used in large trucks, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), sports cars, muscle cars, and other mean machines. As the name portrays, all-wheel drive technology is one which enables the engine to control all axles of the automobile. So, the power for self-propelling is distributed to all-wheels. This helps the vehicle move on difficult terrains and rough… Read more »

4 Wheel Drive Vehicles

You must have come across abbreviations like 4×4 and 4×2 on vehicles―especially the sports-utility type―on several occasions, but have you ever wondered what these abbreviations or numbers actually stand for? Basically, the first digit in such abbreviations stands for the ‘number of wheels’ of the vehicle, while the second digit denotes the ‘number of axle ends’ which power these wheels…. Read more »