China, our biggest trading partner, contributes to Global Warming more than any other country in the world.

In addition, the Chinese government, as a part of its self proclaimed "democratic dictatorship" subjugates and silences its people.


In 2018 1..2 million Uighurs were removed from their homes, tortured with the vast majority no where to be found. Their children  were placed in orphanages for "re-education".

Congressman Welch continues to tout the "Green New Deal", professing the former bill to be the answer to Poverty, Homelessness, Global Warming and much more.

The Green New Deal was, in fact, a preliminary socialist doctrine, complete with a framework for re-education,  rent control and universal health care and more.


With the far left quieted by the rise of former Vice President Joe Biden's Presidential campaign and no socialist proponent in the foreground for the White House, they're not gone.


Meanwhile, the tax credit that brought so many consumers to purchase hybrid and electric cars, as of the end of 2020, is scheduled to be gone.

How Do We Fight Racism in America?

This year may be a turning point as George Floyd, Bryonne Taylor and others were slain by police and outrage sparked across the nation.  A part of the answer may be found from our past.  One speech successfully led a fight against racism across this country forty five years ago.

In 2009, newly elected President Obama said that the poor will have health care, just not the same health care as those that can afford it.

His statement marked the beginning of a philosophical shift in the manner that Democrat lawmakers prioritize the disbursement of funds, and their perspective of the underprivileged.


The Migratory Left

Strikes Again

This June 30th, the migratory left struck again, with a tamed version of the Green New Deal.

How Free are the Citizens of Socialist Countries? I found that many socialist countries have silenced their people from organized political change, disagreement and certainly upheaval. Keep in mind that in socialist countries, the government is very likely the landlord, the employer, the health care provider and the entity that will oversee the availability of education and livelihood for one's children. Free? No, these people aren't free. ﷯ Unionizing America Is Now a Part of Former VP Biden's Campaign It's just that he hasn't explained how he intends to organize workers to do so. Unionizing an industry is the result of efforts by workers, not government, though many unions are comprised of government workers. While union membership has been steadily dwindling over the years, renewed interest in unions by the former VP inspired me to do a little digging. ﷯ Coronavirus may end abruptly this fall/winter as pharmaceutical companies including; Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Astro Zeneca expect to begin to ship vaccines worldwide. How it all started, I believe we'll never know. China was the sole source of information at the onset of the pandemic, disclosing misinformation such as "no known human to human transmission". ﷯ This Year's Telling Numbers Regarding Global Warming The numbers this year show that Asia is a source of pollution that endangers our planet to the degree that even an economic shut down in the US and other parts of the world isn't enough to put a stop to it. It's time to look at the truth about Global Warming and some real answers. ﷯ The Continued Fight for the Right to Life In 2019 the "Heartbeat Laws" added four states to the fight against abortion, limiting a lawful abortion to prior to the onset of a fetal heartbeat. While we might not win the battle in the near term, I have a concept to present to further the equality of the unwed mother. ﷯ Democracy vs Socialism The philosophical shift behind the left wing that would change this country with medical care and higher education as examples. Also- some interesting data, there are, certainly, people and children living in poverty in socialist countries. In fact, poverty and unemployment has existed in socialist countries for years. ﷯ Interested in the Numbers? How socialist countries pair relative to the United States is an interesting comparison especially when looking at education, employment and poverty. Who said that socialist countries are at full employment, that they are without poverty and their people are educated? The numbers speak a harsh truth that makes for a compelling argument in favor of Democracy and market capitalism. ﷯ Solving the Health Care Cost Crisis The answer is easier that you could imagine. I have briefly outlined how the federal government can save hundreds of billions in the near term, with additional cost savings that could equate to nearly one trillion. ﷯ Making a Case for Democracy As I've been do some digging and finding some statistics, including the above, I have not found a case for socialism. Indeed, Democracy allows for prosperity, educational opportunities, entrepreneurship and innovation. Social and political freedom breed better living conditions and less pollution, better sanitation and access to electricity and indoor plumbing. ﷯ Actually- Switzerland is a Democracy In fact, Switzerland has empowered its people further than our own government structure- along with a private sector that is protected by their Constitution. ﷯ World Health and Mortality The United States ranks 46th in its mortality rate, while boasting the highest standard of living in the world, a people well educated, employed and informed. I found a startling answer..... ﷯

US National Debt

As of 12/30/2019


The above net National Debt balance includes the following: debt Held by the General Public totaling $17,133,687,951,263.30 and International Debt Holdings tallied at $5,975,139,843,829.56.


Here are some remarks concerning how we got here and what the Federal Government and the US Treasury can do about it.

Economic Recovery Grant For sole proprietorships with employees earning W-2 wages or those that are 51% or more owned by a member of a minority or woman(women).that have remained open Unemployment or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) If you are out of work, have had to close your business due to the Coronavirus, you may be eligible for Unemployment or PUA assistance. Please visit the following link for more information. Rental Housing Stabilization Program If you are a tenant or landlord, you may qualify to receive grant funding being made available shortly through the Rental Housing Stabilization Program in Vermont. Money is available on a first come first serve basis. Vermont Covid Emergency Mortgage Assistance For more information please visit

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