I’m not a native Vermonter. However, 18 years ago, I made Vermont my home. After traveling to Vermont for ski vacations, I moved my children here, drawn to the state’s natural beauty, clean environment, and the many opportunities found in the area. I brought with me more than ten years work experience as a stock broker, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Wheaton College, and advanced studies in economics, market analysis, financial analysis and corporate finance. A simple lifestyle afforded me the time and the opportunity to study web design at the International Academy of Design and Technology Online. Over ten years ago I stared a business, Marcia Horne, Marketing Consulting, found at www.marciahornemarketingconsulting.com, where I grew a business relationship with many Vermonters located in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, Montpelier and, later Barre, Vermont. As a part of my work, I also build a project Experience the Northeast Kingdom, found at www.experiencethenortheastkingdom.com and originated the Experience Vermont framework, later adding Experience Montpelier, www.experiencemontpelier.com and Experience Barre, found at www.experiencebarre.com. Over the years, I’ve noted many problems, in Vermont and countrywide, that have adversely affected business development, the educational system and the economy. In response to the many issues that faced Vermonters in 2014 and 2016, I ran for a Senate seat in the Vermont General Assembly for the Essex-Orleans Senatorial District. I won both primaries and was third in both general elections. In 2014, I ran addressing my opposition to Single Payer Healthcare and informed people of students rights concerning their removal from the standardized educational system and into the Alternative School Program. That year and in 2016, I stressed the importance of migrating from fossil fuel to wood pellets for home heating, for the sake of the environment and to reduce Vermonter’s home heating cost expenses. Many Vermonters in the northeast switched to pellet fuel systems and found, not only tax advantages for doing so, but a dramatic reduction in household expenses in the following year. Also in 2016, I urged the State of Vermont to make improvements in the state’s water and sewer system that was badly in need of repairs. I referenced the State of New York’s upgrades that allowed for water and sewer lines to become secured with foam insertion, creating a PVC pipe inside an existing old cast iron piping. In 2016, I urged lawmakers to extend High School Vocational Training programs to extend studies for all Vermont High Schools to include certifications in auto mechanics, plumbing, heating, electrical, masonry, among others. That year I informed the Vermont Dairy Association of dairy farmer’s protection under the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914 with regard to fluctuations in trade adversely affecting commodity pricing. That year farmers were severely hurt by falling milk prices due to a dramatic reduction in exports from external factors. In 2016 I addressed Global Warming, urging Vermonters to purchase a hybrid or electric vehicle, as well as to switch to pellet or cord wood home heating systems. Looking back, I believe that Vermonters and people across America made a significant difference in the rise of Global Warming. So many people have been doing their part in this country, I am now concerning myself with the environmental behavior of countries abroad, such as China, Mongolia, India, Egypt, Kazakhstan, parts of the Middle East, Africa and Russia. This year, I am also responding to the left wing of the Democratic Party who would change this country’s the political fiber and economic basis. As I am a firm believer in Democracy and market capitalism., this year, through the course of the election, I intend to inform and enlighten the people of Vermont concerning the other side of the “socialist” coin, the impact upon our society, our economy and our children. I intend to enlighten and inform Vermonters concerning the lifestyle and oppression that people around the world in socialist countries must live with each and every day of their lives, as they raise their children and reach the twilight of their years-- without political voice, without remuneration for the injustice committed upon their person, subjugated and silenced in the name of equality and economic security. I oppose socialism in all its forms. If the people of Vermont choose me as their representation in the United States House of Representatives this November I will oppose socialism with each and every vote. I will argue at length for this Democracy, for this market capitalism and for the billions around the world that have been suppressed by the very form of government that the far left of the Democratic party would supplant upon this country. I am a fighter for Democracy. This year, please join me in keeping our country as it stands.

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